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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Scarves need people and people need scarves

Our dear friend Nick is sick. Last Saturday was the Clubs toy drive...Nick showed up at our house and asked to borrow a scarf since the event was outside. I told him I didnt have a scarf for him...he said "You can't tell me you don't have at least a dozen scarves you knit lying around?" He was right...then I explained all of them were on the 'girlie" end of the spectrum ie. girlie pinks and multicolor thick thin hand spun. He said he was sure he could find somthing manly...well the closest thing was a neon green and black FUN FUR (knit before I realised I hate fun fur but I love lime green and black)...he wore it for exactly one hour till he was teased to the point of stashing it in the truck and spen the rest of the evening hogging the lone space heater which my dear friend AM pointed out was very rude and inconsiderate but he's cute so he can get away with it. It was really cold and now Nick is sick...
Nick also has a birthday coming up on the 15th. He requested we take him for Sushi like we did last year and I've decided to do somthing special for him....I'm going to knit him a scarf. I discussed it with the DSB and we decided that a basic 2x2 rib would work best....I had a cool manly waffle pattern but it was shot down. Nick knows he's getting somthing hand knit cause I have been calling him asking what colors he likes...he's useless in this area because for some reason he thinks in terms of car paint color combos.

Anyways The DSB had an errand to run near the LYS so he dropped me there so I could try and pick ot something for Nick. Somthing manly but not too boring...I wanted to use this Blue Sky Alpaca dk weight stuff but they only had two skeins in the color I liked and I wanted to make this scarf wide and long so i ditched that one.

Then I found this stuff that Berroco makes called Ultra I've never really been a fan of the Berroco yarns but this stuff really fit the bill. I chose 2 colors...brown and a rust color that make a fairly manly vintagey looking scarf...I've knitted a little under a foot on size 6 needles....I may be pushing it with the needle size but I wanted it to drape and go a bit's working out but I would not go up to a 7. I can't find my camera but I'll take photos when we give it to him then we'll drink sake and eat raw marine life like there's no tomorrow.


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