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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Cow I lost 7 pounds

Ok...not saying that one should get a dog just to lose weight but....
So I've lost 7 pounds since Princess Panty Chewer came home. I think it's because of a few factors.

1. Puppies require Lots of attention....I'm constantly busy either working, or watching her to make sure she doesn't wizz in the spare room (She loves to potty in the spare room) so i never have time to sit around and snack.

2. I drink ALOT less. Not to say I'm super lush or anything but I really cannot have anything more than say 1 glass of wine at dinner just because I am in charge of Potty Patrol at night so If I have say 3 beers I have a hard time waking up at 3am to let her outside to pee...So I consume fewer calories just there.

3. If she doesn't get her walk around the block in the Morning and Evening she WILL be bouncing off the walls and eating my shoes....not just any shoes but the LIMITED EDITION Trophy Queen Lucky Loo shoes that I got in Paso a few years back that cost close to $200.00. So yeah my fat ass walks around the block...15 min each time so it racks up to about 30min of exercise a day. As she gets older it's going to increase ALOT so imagine how great my ass will look this time next year.

4. Ok also I've been doing the Medi Fast diet. I do cheat a bit...eating regular food twice a day sometimes but really it's a pretty fly diet. The food is alright (Though the instant scrambled eggs are strangely good with a little salt and paprika). I kinda want to lose 10 more pounds by my birthday in July, which should bring me down to a size 8, which should get me back into my bathing suit, so we can go to the pool at the Standard for cocktails with my girlfriends, who will probably look way hotter in their swimsuits than me but who cares, the DSB thought I was hot when I was close to 170 pounds.

Any ways...YAY!


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