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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another Class Hooray!

Cause I am a complete and totall slacker and because of my dependenceny on sleeping pills and the Boo's inability to open the curtains in the morning to let the light in, I totally slept through my Dentist appointment today....oops. Lucky for my my dentist specializes in cosmetic dentistry and (being located in an upscale neighborhood near the Heart of the entertainment industry) they are exptreamly used to us flakey entertainment types who keep odd hours and had no problem reschedueling me. SWEET! It's just a cleaning but I have not been up on my flossing nor my tooth whitening. Yes I went and got the professional whitening kit where they actaully make a mold of your teeth.
The funny thing about my dentist is every time I go they don't ask me "Have you been flossing?" They ask "How's the whitening going?"Did I mention I go to the Dentist alot....why you ask? I have close to perfect teeth, meaning I've had ALOT of orthodontic and oral surgery work done over the years due to the fact that my front teeth were almost sideways and my jaw is only big enough to accomodate 24 teeth (must be my Hillbilly genes) and so it took years of very painful work to get the smile I have today and I'm VERY protective of it. That why every little tooth trauma, like when I was at a bbq and I wacked my front tooth with a beer bottle, requires a trip to the dentist for a $40.00 x-ray and an inquirery on how the whitening is going.

The said appointment today, however is not an anal retentive, panic driven, exercise in frivolity. I actaully had my 6 month cleaning and checkup for today. I suppose it's better they let me re-schduele for next week. It gives me a chance to floss every day and get up to date on my whitening. I swear they will not rest till I blind people with my smile. I just wanted to get rid of some coffee stains.

Anyways on the tonights class. It's Karens
raglan sweater class. I've been informed that the wonderful soft suppple alpaca yarn I was hoping to bring in won't be allowed in the class on account of the purpose of teaching classes there is to have students buy yarn there but since it's probably a 2 or 3 skein project I have no problem with that. I'll make 2 sweaters then!

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