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Monday, September 11, 2006


Had a GREAT fun fun fun weekend.
The purses I felted Thursday FINALLY dried by Sunday and now I've decided to re-felt, as in felt some more the purse I made for R's niece cause I've decided that it's too big for her and since her mom told me to save it for x-mas so I have time now. The mad purse knitting has begun. I am almost done with the one I planned to give to my friend Barbara but now I think it's going to Melinda cause her b-day is coming up sooner. Yeah.

We went to the Cretins wherehouse party where I ran into someone I knew in Highschool. R thinks I'm obsessing but I just have to share this story.
Picture this:
So I've had a few yummy sugar free margaritas that I cleverly transported in a evian bottle when I see this girl standing on the stairs WAY too dressed up for this crowd and trying REALLY hard to convey just how rockabilly and such she is. Now I know she's a total poser but I decided to look past the bitchy expression and go talk to her...she just looked SOOOOO familiar. Here's how it went down:

Me: "Hey, we've met before haven't we?"
Her:"I doubt that."
Me:" Really? well you look so familiar what's your name?"
Her: (sigh) "Teal"

Now how many freakin people have a name like that. My brain went Ding and suddenly I knew where I knew this bitch from! I knew her in Higschool when she was a smelly art chick who did a bunch of drugs and didn't shave her pits! (For the record I too was a smelly art chick who did alot of drugs but at least I shaved my pits)

Me: "Where did you go to Highschool"
Her: (rolling her eyes) "Alverno" like it's soooo somthing to be proud of.
Me: "You're Teal fuckin' Hathaway! Remember me we used to hang out!"
Her: "Well people change huh?"

Now I am not that crazy Ra ra highschool was so great people. In fact the only thing that got me trought that experience was large quantities of beer lifted from the local stop and shop, but this bitch was getting all snotty with me trying to be sooooo cool. I wanted to grab her shoulders and shout 'Bitch don't you know who I am...who do you think you are!?!? I OWN YOU IN THIS SCENE!'
Perhaps if she didn't spend so much time trying to be super rockabilly chick she may have mingled a bit more.
I'm a bitch.

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