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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Success Yes part 3

While I was having the afore mentioned computer issues I took advantage of the fact that I had dug up the area next to the garage and plant a garden...since we live in a nice warm climate and spring had sprung I planted the obligatory summer produce (i.e. Tomatoes, bell peppers and lemon cucumbers)

I didn't just plant a few see I had a vision in my mind, a vision of baskets full of plump, juicy, vine ripened tomatoes. I pictured giving them as gifts to my grateful friends and family. I pictured my father tipping his hat to me, the true green thumb of the family and I would earn the respect of all my friends who gave me a funny look when I'd go on and on at BBQ's about the improtance of slow watering and adding of egg shells to the soil to prevent cat facing...I had a vision.

I planted 7 plants in a 4 by 4 area. They have taken over....the bell peppers, while coming along nicely have been covered by the two five foot tall (if I had caged them properly they'd be biggger) Golden Boy heirlooms and the Black Brandywines have suceeded in destroying the barrier I build with wooden dowels and twine to keep them off the ground, and off the cucumbers and are now usuing the cucumber trellis as their own.
You'd ask, Why are you claiming success? Well cause today one of the Black Brandywines is starting to ripen!
Pretty much I have about a zillion big green hard tomatoes, and even thought I spent many many years in the south I haven't had the heart to pick and fry them. Everytime I see my parents they ask "And how come you didn't bring any tomatoes for us this time? Come on Good tomatoes are $6 bucks a pound at Gelsons."

They are demanding tomatoes for fathers day and it would be nice to bring somthing other than a few Sweet Million Cheery tomatoes, which are ripe and quite amazing if I do say so myself. So I'm trying my best to nurture the lone pink tomato, hoping it ripens to a deep brilliant burise color by Sunday.

Also, since I have no pets or childern we got a little, neglected Meyer Lemon tree from my parents.

We're gonna plant it today when The Boo's Neice and Nephew come over, manual labor is all part of our plan to break the kid's opinion that our house is the "FUN" house.

This little tree is so like the Peanuts X-mas tree. Every time you touch it a bunch of leaves fall off...I kept saying "This Tree Needs Us!" to which the Boo chanted "People Need Trees And Trees Need People!"

Hopefully we don't kill it...we've already named it Limey....I'm not sure why cause it's a lemon tree but the Boo chuckles about it every time he says it so Limey it is


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