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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

X-mas and New heavy

Oh my goodness sorry it took so damn long to post this but I am lazy and getting me to upload photos usually takes gentle coaxing from AM and since she wasn't waiting for any photos from me It took a lull in my New Years deep bathroom scrub down to actaully upload them.

X-mas Eve was spent with the DSB's family...I have photos but almost all of them include his niece and nephew and since I'm afraid of internet predators I'm not gonna post pictures of them. It was a blast...we sang x-mas carols while the DSN played piano and warned us that if we didn't put forth enough effort the first time she would make us do it again...she's too cute.
We drank Baileys and Polish Vodka and some really amazing red wine....we opened gifts...I got an icecream attachment for my kitchenaid mixer, and I cried, the DSB's mom is the most thoughtfull women EVER!

The kids got a Nintendo Wii...ever see that commerical with the kids getting a videogame consel and the freak was like that.

X-mas day was spent with my parents....where we prepared

then comsumed large slabs of prime rib and sweet potato pie and didn't sing x-mas carols because everyone in my family is completly tone deaf...we're like the reverse Carter family (June Carter not Nick Carter)

we got bowls with gnomes on them.

And I actaully got some of my Under the Gun knitting project finished.

Baby Blankety Goodness.

New Years eve was at a friends awesome apartment in Silverlake.
Steaks and Shrimp were grilled

Amazing potato casserole was perpared by our awesome hostess as was the fanciest salad I've ever had,....getting it out of the bowl without accidentally flinging it everywhere was a challenge but it was soo yummmmmmm.

It was a blast...also the Truck got a new 9 inch rear end that fit's like a freakin' glove!
Pics to follow...
Happy New Year

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At 7:43 PM , Blogger rubyredruca said...

Gnomes are cool. I have a few in my front yard, but the sun keeps fading them :( I hope your diet is successful. Anytime I decide to diet all I crave is chocolate cake. Is the party gonna be at the Puka Bar? Random thoughts all smushed togther.


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