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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life in the LBC

So the other day I took a trip to Longbeach with a friend.
While I waited for him to pick out tires I went for a quick walk to a gas station to get a soda and I saw this

The funny thing is that this was one of 3 different Giant Doughnuts I saw in the LBC that day....I wonder what is up with all the giant doughnuts....actaully I don't want to question them for fear that it will make them die....kinda like saying one does not believe in fairies. Anyways I went to a reproduction Ford parts store in another city where I got what I needed with a side order of the "little lady" treatment. Pretty much I got the "How cute she's picking up parts for her boyfriend" treatment "You need a set of taillights? Well I don't know if those are the right ones, What kind of car does your boyfriend have?" I said he has a 31 but I'm buying taillights for MY 36....whatever.

Anyways On to Knitting


My so called scarf..ok this yarn looked way prettier in the hank but I love green and I can't return it since I already wound it into balls.....

I used to hate making scarves...I got this hight and mighty "scarves are for beginners and I am capable of so much more plus I live in L.A I don't need a scarf" bullsh*t attitude. I realised that scarves do serve a purpose...they keep the warm in and scarves are not he easiest thing on earth....scarves take much more of an investment of both time and money than a washcloth and you can get crazy with the stitch patterns with scarves. Scarves are cool plus when I'm fed up with a lace sock I can pick up my slip stich scarf and plus away while watching Intervention.

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At 11:28 PM , Blogger ~Kristie said...

The first time I made that scarf, I think I stared at my knitting & then stared at the pattern, and was like .. what the ...? Finally I figured it out, and then I also realized that I'm not too good to make a scarf.

Your tire adventures remind me of my adventures at the home improvement store. If I ask an employee a question, they seem to always give my husband the answer. Excuse me. Very annoying.

At 8:52 AM , Blogger Viva Scrapper! said...

That stinks...I read that those stores were supposed to be geared more to women these days but I guess the boys school mentality is still there.


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