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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Quest for a Mini Me

I'm back from Ventura.
The truck made it there with only a bit of drama the evening before, bacause it's no fun unless you wait till the last second to address issues such as totally rusted ass gas tank and clogged up fuel filters.
The show was fun.
i got the meet baby H for the first time actually outside of his mommy...she let me hold him, he didn't cry so I think I'm getting better at the whole holding kids and not being afraid of breaking them.
I got my Hobo Breakfast in the AM and on the way home we met the most aggressive pan handlers EVER! I mean at the end of our off ramp there were three guys with signs yelling at cars. One guy demanded water from me, which I didn't have and he got a bit pissy. Guess I'd be grouchy too if I had to stand at the end of a freeway off ramp and scream at traffic in 90 degree heat.
Also I have a new obsession. I want to get an Itty Bitty me made...I totally want a puppet that looks like me. We took a vote (Nick, The DSB, Our friend Kevin and Yours Truly) and we decided that my government issued free money (economic stimulation package) should be put toward a dummy that looks like me and not for stuff like a new stove or fixing the busted bathtub drain cause we're responsible adults like that.
Also I have been knitting. One of the DSB's scks is done and I'm maybe a quarter of the way done with the second. I have photos bt time I spend uploading them is time I could be using to locate a puppet maker. Part of me wants to make it there a book on how to do that?


At 12:33 PM , Blogger Betsey Booms said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Magnum's short shorts.

My husband refuses to wear the short. I don't know why.

Oh and I'm hanging my head. And I'm whispering this... I like the Horrorpops.

Don't tell anyone. I'm apparently not as strongly for them as you are against them. So you win.


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