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Saturday, April 19, 2008

We're so Hot and heavy it's almost too much!

The DSB and I went out to dinner last night. Ok we were both kinda tired but I really was NOT in the mood to cook anything, nor were we in the mood to do things like change our clothes or comb our hair so we decided that we would go out to the most romantic spot....
Oh yeah bitches! We indulged in Pizza, beer and Mojo potatos like there was no tomorrow.
Actaully we had a really good time. Who knew Shakey's Pizza had such a BITCH'N beer selection. I mean Firestone Ale!?!? Unheard of at a family joint.
Next time we will try and go during the week because in our romantic fever we forgot that it was Friday night and every little league team and local family was there, thus there was a long wait to play video games and after two pints each we decided home and a movie was for us (Cause we're wild and crazy like that.)

Also on the car front....ok so news news.
I fixed the Overdrive on the Rambler...I did somthing I wish I had thought of before and am going to get massive ammounts of shit over for not even thinking of it sooner...I read the repair manual! DUH!!!!! Fixed it in like 10 seconds flat....there's a trick to the kick down switch if it gets jammed it seems. I've had this car HOW LONG!?!?!?! I'm also about to take the bumbers off to get them re-chromed and de-dented (They were there when I bought it I didn't do it) because I'm getting all into this AMX show coming up and the Piggy-bank is (in my mind at least) the worlds most famous Rambler....(I know for a fact there is one guy in Switzerland that has heard of this car and Jay Leno thinks it's cool) I live a rich fantasy life.
So today in addition to fixing the Overdrive I had a Clean out the trunk (shudder) and the engine compartment day. I also shined up all the chrome on my valve covers....boy they shine now....My paint is starting to go a bit. It's many years of not having a garage and even though it's covered moisture is still getting to it and slowly wearing my finish down.
It's funny, the 36 pickup I don't even worry about the paint. it's almost like the shittier the paint gets the more people like it. The RAMBLER on the other hand is like a Hollywood Starlet. The second she starts to show her age people start pointing it out.


At 9:49 PM , Blogger rubyredruca said...

That sounds like my kind of date these days!

At 6:34 PM , Blogger Viva Scrapper! said...

Seriously though, it was blast.


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