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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hava Hangover

What do you get when you combine great music, good people, a half pack of cigarettes and about a gallon of really cheap chardonnay... you get a good ol' time and a crazy weird hangover.
I'm feeling better now that I've had a cup of Jet Fuel Strength coffee.
I love the King King Club.
Mental note: when I drink a gallon of cheapo oakie wine I'll suddenly get the urge for Sittons and then I'll attempt to eat a Reuben the size of a small child.

Don't let the reviews fool you....we eat there CONSTANTLY!
the food isn't Amazing or anything but the Greek Omelet is like crack to the Boo and I love the chicken salad with Greek's so just chicken drowned in Mayo on some iceberg lettuce and perhaps a mealy tomato but It's good to me.
There is a waitress that works the graveyard shift that HATES Nick (cause he's a cheap skate and doesn't tip) but when I come stumbling in at 3am she gets me coffee without me even having to ask. I mean you just don't get that at Denny's.

I've always wanted to organise like a Sunday Brunch meet up and knit and eat omelette's there....they totally let me sit, knit, watch tv and suck down coffee like it's going out of style. Come on Valley Knitters....We should get together and nurse our hangovers with pancakes and yarn!
Speaking of knitting and I can't believe you brought it up....
So I blocked Clapotis! It's dried really really fast. I'm excited I'm about to wrap it. I bought this really cool pink Happy Birthday wrapping paper...I'm such a freaking Dork.
Also let me take a moment to plug This product. Soak is don't have to rinse it out and since all you have to do is just soak it for 15 min it really minimizes the chances of accidentally felting stuff. Plus it doesn't have that "grandma" fragrance that most wool washes seem to have. I used the citrus scent...awesome!


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