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Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Days like these

I don't have to be anywhere till like 5ish. It's kinda nice schlepping round the casa de Scrapper in my jim jams.
What I really want to do is hang out in the back yard and enjoy this last little bit of beautiful sunny weather before it rains again. The back yard is starting to come out of it's winter slumber. The pots of dirt that have been sitting out on the side of the garage suddenly have chives and dill sprouting out of them. I love this. They go dormant over the (all be it mild) winter and spring back up in the spring.
I also got some planting done...we got a Myer Lemon tree and planted it in the middle of the OUT OF CONTROL oregano plants. Seriously...looking for something to plant as ground cover? Try Oregano.
So I also dug up the two little plots where I will plants tomatoes and Pumpkins when the weather warms up a bit. I added a huge bag of organic soil ammender and mixed it in good.
Also I'm going to install drip irrigation this year. The old way of watering wasted too much water in the hot dry summer months and well...I want to be able to set up a timer so that the plants will get watered at 6am before the sun gets hot then again at 5 pm. Even watering...saves water and makes for healthy tomato plants. As for the pumpkins...they're going to be pie pumpkins. I'm hoping I'll get at least a2 or three good ones...enough to make pumpkin ravioli or pumpkin soup. The pie pumpkins have a real thick sweet flesh so they're not ideal for carving....I have a thing about planting usefull plants in the garden. This is why I have so many herbs planted. My whole driveway is awash in Rosemary and Lavender.
Ok I'm off to eat a steak for breakfast....I rock like that.