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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ha ha ha stalker reads my blog...I'm not surprized but geez.
So I have really awesome plans this weekend but I can't say what they are.
Come back Monday for a full update!

Friday, November 14, 2008

It Came from the Valley

So I've been ultra busy lately...working and doing club stuff. Today I had a "me day" as in I got my nails did, baked bread, got a bikini wax and oh yeah dragged my ass 38 miles to Castiac to drop off some hair stuff that accidentally got packed in my kit.
What a drag.
The good news is I get to be in a music video tomorrow, though with my recent weight gain/breakout I have a feeling I'll end up on the cutting room floor. Oh well.
Tonight is cruise night....I won't say where as my stalker may show up if she knows but it's fun.
I'll post pics later.
Also...keep your fingers crossed for the DSB. He sent off his application for the Grand National Roadster show along with photos. Not for the Suede Palace (though he was flattered by two offers to be in there) but one of the BIG BUILDINGS. Yes if he gets in he gets to compete against the High Dollar trailer queens.
Just to Clarify, the DSB's car is not a trailer queen. He built it to drive it, not to show it. Just so happens he promised the paint and body guy he'd apply for the big building.
Also, his car is going to be on a Mad Fabricators DVD...well they're planning something anyways. I can't say more or I'd have to kill you.

So keep your fingers crossed that his humble little home built hot rod will be accepted so he can show everyone just how we do it in The Valley!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Prop 8 passed. WTF? Now I have been very vocal that everyone has a right to their opinion and I refuse to call anyone names based on their political beliefs.....but seriously more than half of you voted to pass this BS amendment? Looks like the scare tactics and thinly veiled homophobia and intolerance in the commercials got to you.
Maybe if you based your decision on more than an alarmist sound bite.....whatever I'm dissapointed in my state. Here we are going on about how forward thinking we are and we let some "Separate but Equal" style amendment like Prop 8 pass.
What's next....same sex couples have to ride in the back of the bus?
Seriously CA...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted, and I didn't have to wait in line

So I went to my local polling place today. It's at a residence about a block from my house. At 8:45 I took my Ipod, some knitting and a coffee over there and to my surprise there was nobody in line out front. I grabbed my purse (left the knitting and coffee inside the car) and started walking over tot he place. There was another couple getting out of their car right beside the house, and when they saw me they TOTALLY did the "Grocery Store Hustle". You know what I mean, when your in the grocery store with your cart heading towards the shortest line and someone else sees that your heading there and they do the "frantic fast walk" to try and beat you there. Yeah it was a couple and the driver of the car totally left his female sidekick in the car so he could try and run to beat me in line.
Seriously there were 6 booths and 2 were occupied. I know that the guy was in trouble cause as he was signing in the female sidekick came in and loudly whispered something along the lines of "What the fuck? you couldn't have waited for me?"
Democracy waits for no man or woman I suppose.
Also I totally got a free glass of wine for wearing my "I voted" sticker. I feel like I was bribed to vote.
Also how many times can I POSSIBLY put things in "quotes"?
In knitting news....guess who finished her first LARGE SCALE lace project. THIS BITCH!!!!!

7:45 am and I'm off to vote

Well in a few min anyways. Hopefully the line isn't too terribly long. Then I'm off to collect my free coffee and later a free scoop of Ben and Jerry's.