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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Did you ever (warning, lots of swearing)

Did you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone who seemed nice and normal then suddenly you realized....shit this bitch is nuts?!
This happened to me. I was in a conversation with a girl and thought she was fine then she started talking about this girl I know (Who's a total batshit looney, and it's not just me that thinks so) and how they're such good friends and how well they get along.
Anyways I mention that I know her, have hung out with her and had a few times been to her apartment....see I had gotten somewhat close to this person before she revealed how emotionally unstable she was. This is a about the time in the conversation where Crazy Chick number 2 started to show her true colors. She got WAY posessive of Batshit trying to one up me with how close they are. "Batshit and I are like kindred spirits! She's AWESOME! She's So Cool and I love her SOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUCH!" Ok I get it....glad things are working out for her.

She hadn't been over to Batshit's house (She had a really cool apartment) and for some reason was really threatened that I had...two years ago.Thats fine. The only reason I had gone to Batshit's house in the first place was because she bought my old tv and endtables and I helped her move them to her house (It was a big heavy tv) and then again to pick up some artwork she had done for a friend.
Anyways Crazy Chick kinda went nutso....I made up a lame excuse to end the conversation and later over Del Taco my GF J pretty much reinforced my suspicions. Actaully Crazy Chick is borderline stalking my GFJ....fucking crazy bitches.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Check out my Booty!

So I found my camera finally....just in time to take a photo of the latest Yarn Pirate Booty Club that has come to my house! nummy is this yarn? So it's BEGGING to be Socks for the DSB's Niece cause she digs blue and green and she's appreciates hand knits. The colorway is Neptune and is exclusive (I think) to Booty Club members.
Here's July's Booty Club.....Cupcake!
Don't know what to do with it, probably more socks...there's got to be a better use for sock yarn than socks.
Anyways I have a LSG shawl of doom update.
Here's some ugly unblocked lace. This pattern is super easy to get down....well after a little bit of coaxing from the amazing Stephanie from Unwind Yeah I usually don't like to go to the LYS for help (lord knows they have enough to do without helping my fully capable of figuring it out on my own self) but I really needed a fresh pair of eyes when it came to my 3rd chart repeat because I couldn't get the stitches to match up with the correct stitch count. Turns out that I kept accidentally reading the line below it on the chart...score one for fresh pair of eyes! It's my ravelympics project. I have 4 more pattern repeats to go.....hopefully I can do that in 7 days!
Spread em!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Curl up ad DYE!

Ok so I had my first adventures in Hand Dyeing the other day. I lost my damn mind and ordered a bunch of undyed yarn and some Acid Dyes in colors I though I'd like and had at it.
The Good News is it came out freaking awesome.
The Bad News is I can't find my god damned camera for the life of me (Believe me I've tried) so I have no photos as proof.
If anyones seem my camera please let me know!
Anyways the yarn is a few shades of red with black mixed in. 2 ply fingering weight. It's in a HUGE hank right now as I haven't found an effecient (sp?) way to wind it into smaller 400+ yard skeins. Also I have a fear that I didn't a: Wash it well enough after I cooked it or b: didn't cook it long enough (Which is bullsh*t because I steamed it for a good hour and every tutorial I read said steam it for like 45 min.) because the red rubbed off a little on my hands. So I may end up washing the smaller hanks again. I dig the color...I think I'm going to call it "Heart Burn" because my theory is the only reason people dye their own yarn is to come up with clever names, and boy do I think that name is clever.
You'd have to see the yarn.....
I have over 2,000 yards of it and had a thought....
maybe after I rewash and skein it I'll do a little give away contest. If would be easy to win as I only have like 2 readers. What do you think.
Anyone feel like a free 400+ yard skein of Sock Yarn? It's pretty....reds and black.
Now I need a contest. I'll think about it and when I finally get pics of the stuff I'll post it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Starlight Bowl!

So in act two of my One Week Behind re-cap of events I want to tell you all bout my new favorite venue.
Starlight Bowlin the beautiful hills of Burbizzle!
My hetero lifepartner AM, who is the goddess of free stuff, somehow managed to score 4 free tickets to see the Royal Crown Revue last Sunday. It was rad.
The place lets you bring your own food and beer/wine. Not hard liquor but that's ok....I totally didn't know you could bring your own food in or I would have packed a super picnic with courses and desserts and things of that nature...but all I could pull outta my ass a the last second was Gardettos Snack Mix and Chocolate Covered Almonds, oh and a really nice bottle of Cabernet that I had stashed away, cause we're totally sophisticated. Also there was Miller Light in Cans....just so you all don' think I'm going soft on you.
Obligatory shoe shot...note my sensible black plats...and AM's stiletto froo froo heels. Yeah she must always one-up me in the shoe dept....bitch...but ya know I love her.
Oh also that lady in front of us was the coolest chick ever. She introduced herself as the "Picnic Goddess" and she has the most awesome cooler I've ever seen, that had a little table that folded out of it. She also had a picnic dinner of many courses, including cake and two different bottles of wine.
Kicks the pants off my Gardettos and Miller Light...but hey, I had a cooler cork screw than she did so Neener!
The funny part was the sheer number of COPS that were there...actaully the 4 cops that spent their evening watching us in particular.
I think they were convinced that we were RCR Hooligans, there to drink hard liquor and smoke cigarettes! I think the worst thing we did was yell at some teenagers that were running on the grass and slammed right in to AM. She yelled, "Hey Be Careful You're Not Supposed to Run In The Grass Seating Area!"
Oh and the Drunkest old lady ever almost vomiting in a trash can....Good Times!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Teeny Tiny Two Wheel Mayhem

Snap bitches...look what I went to last weekend.
Yes yes I'm about a week behind with my posting but I've been ill and we had a funeral to go to this weekend so I've been a bit under the weather about the whole blogging thing. Oh but I have photos!!!!
Last Sunday we got up at 7 am to head to the MiniMoto races put on by the infamous SFVISBF
Really, is there anything more grand that spending a Sunday morning in Sun Valley?
Oh wait...a Sunday Morning with these guys
(evil Ed) I don't know him but I know this guys name is Ed.
this was my fave Minibike fo the race...I dug the color.
We went with a friend of the DSB's who is like THE Taco Minibike guy....oh yeah....he knows his stuff. If you gotta be into something...may as well be the MASTER of it huh.
I have more photos but I'm tired and my NyQuil is kicking in.
Hope y'all are well and stuff.