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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aaaaw Shucks

Hey y'all....I'm baaaack,
I've been on Hiatus for a few dozen weeks, partly because I've been up to alot of stuff (that is frankly none of my stalkers business) and because with the holidays, Mooneyes and the start of my annual GNRS diet and work out program (more on that in a sec) I've been super super swamped.
Yes the DSB's coupe has been accepted the the Grand National Roadster Show. In One of the BIG buildings. Can you stand it? I sure can't. Though I'm sure he probably won't win any trophy's I got a new dress for the award day because....well do you remember the last time I thought he wouldn't win anything....yeah I had to wear my dirty Saturday outfit to the awards ceremony. Ok Ruca is gonna totally appreciate this dress. Custom made Sailor dress, midnight blue with white trim, long sleeves (cause who am I kidding this show is at the end of January and it gets colder than a witches you know what.) and possibly a little teeny sailor hat thought the DSB put the kabash on the hat idea. I know I know this outfit is more suited for Ink and Iron or anything at the queen mary, but I think it's too freaking cute for words.
Now I know what your thinking,
"Scrapper, that's a whole lot of info. Aren't you afraid that the Stalker will find out where you will be?"
the Answer is,
Well we've made it very public knowledge that we will be at this event and she probably has found out already and I really can't stop said stalker from showing up, getting drunk, following us and harassing our friends and generally making an ass out of herself. Besides...It's a big show and it'll take her like forever to track us down. Now my New Years Eve plans I'm keeping to myself.