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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On A Finishing Jag

Ok so I've been on a finishing jag as of late.
The finished baby H vestie thing.
Pattern Owl Baby Vest from Caffienated Yarn.
Rowan felted tweed. Can't remember the color numbers but it used one ball of the blue with about 10 yards left over pluse a bit of the green color. I wonder if I can make this vest with just one ball of the felted tweed.
A fun knit. I didn't add the owl cables. It fit the toddler form at the shop so I hope hope hope that it will fit baby H who INSISTS on growing bigger and bigger every time I see him! Love that little guy!
Next up is the top down baby raglan.
This is for baby M who is about 1 month old right now.
Tis was a sweater that I had to wait to meet her before I made anything for her and I'm glad I did! I think this yarn shade of purple will look great on her and fit with the parents as well.
You know I found a top down baby formula online and I can't remember where I found it. As soon as I figure it out I'll give credit where credit is due.
Size: to fit an infant.
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Jasper
Like the yarn. If I was to make it again I would have done it in a medium weight. The heavy weight is a THICK sport or a light DK.
Photographed on the shop toddler form which is why it looks WAY small but for a 1 month old...perfection. It's since this this photo was taken had it's ends woven in and been washed and is blocking as we speak. I also got some awesome buttons for it as well.
So yeah....finishing jag, two projects (all be it small baby stuff) in 2 days!
Go me.

Happy 200

It's my 200th post!
Ok so I will have a great update Friday complete with Knitting content, Hot rodding and general mayhem Scrapper style.
Also I received a fashion nugget from the AMAZING Mode Merr.
Ok I'm going to plug Mode Merr.
That dress on the cover is the Vamp Dress. I recieved mine with black sleeves yesterday and I'm stoked. It's my Sunday Outfit for the Grand Nationals.
I love this company. Every garmet it hand made and Angela is a JOY to deal with. She always sends a nice handwritten note with the garmet's I order. I've been ordering from her for YEARS and even with the abuse I generally put my clothes through they have held up really well.
Plus her prices are AMAZING considering the quality of the garmets.
The only down side is it does take a while to receive your order. ABout 3-4 weeks so on account of everything being made to order, so if you have an event (VLV) order way ahead, it's worth it.
I've ordered dresses 2 inches shorter and Angela was very acommodating.
So anyways....want to support a small business and get some smoking threads to boot?
Mode Merr!
I'm not employed by this company. I just Love love love them and hopefully y'all will too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I got gauge

Yes bitches...I did math in my head...ordered yarn for a pattern, taking into consideration my loose knitting and BAM first swatch out I got correct gauge! Fear me knit police! Loves me some math!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

On the topic of Love

I was reading the dual post that the Dirty Pirate Hooker and her Fiance wrote and it made me think about the DSB.
Actually I was thinking about what love is and what it is to me can be summed up in one photo.
See that...that is love right there baby.
Little background.
That photo was taken from the cab of my 36' pickup at 6:30 am. What you can't tell is that we are moving in this picture. This is the UNGODLY long as hell line to get into the 2008 Mooneyes Xmas Party.
The wait was so long that my truck was starting to overheat. I had to kill the engine to avoid cracking my engine block.
What you are looking at in this photo is the DSB pushing my truck while I steer. The big lug pushed my truck at least 50 yards till he had to stop because he was having "Chest Pains" (he's fine). That is love right there.
I think back to all the other guys I've dated and I ask myself "Would he have pushed my truck in the freezing cold at 6:30 am?"
The Answer is HELL NO.
My last BF was only really good for borrowing money and downloading porn onto my computer.
The DSB is so good on so many levels. He thinks it's cute when I knit, he doesn't mind when i drink WAY too much of that cheap white wine at the Nokia Center and end up falling down in a parking lot (and believe me I'm a very floppy drunk but I wasn't driving so I cut loose a little, ok too loose but hey that's what he gets for volunteering to be the Designated Driver.). He puts up with my brother. He thinks I'm cute first thing in the morning, no makeup, hair all matted up and breath that smells like I slept with a dead hamster in my mouth. Yeah he loves me.
Anyways...that's love to me.

Knitting Content

My Woodland Shawl by the talented Nikol Lohr.
I'm using Schafer Anne in the colorway Sarah.
Size 2 needles.
this is going to be my County Fair project, if I ever finish it.
I manage to knock out almost 1 chart repeat a night when I work on it.
I've also been working on thisPhotobucket
baby vest for my friends little boy. It's going to be too small I can tell but I'll send it to her anyways and she'll love it.
Tonight I think I'm going to take advantage of having the house all to myself for a few hours and bake some thank you cookies for a friend that helped me out during my recent Identity Theiving,
M&M cookies....MMmmMmMMmmmmm.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Dear 2009...suck it

Ok so it's Jan 2nd and guess what. I've been a victim of theft. Someone got ahold of my debit card info and pin somehow and has withdrawn over $1,200.00 from my bank account. I've been on the phone for the past 2 hours with my bank, I'm hopefully going to get the money back but now I have to go to a bank branch, get the atm photos of the fuckbags that stole my money and file a police report. Hear that you jacktardfuckbags....You're so going to JAIL to be butt raped! I am refusing to be a victim again.
I'm so pissed cause I don't know if I can pay my car insurance this month. I won't get my money back for at least a month...Im so freaked.
The DSB is being sweet and will cover my half of the bills and such till I get the money back....I'm such a lucky girl.
So 2009,
I had high hopes for you. I defended you when people talked ill of you and this is how you repay me? SUCK IT!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting out on the right foot

Soooo anyways.
I'm severely hung over right now....why you ask...well cause we had an impromptu New Years Eve party. We decided Tuesday night that since everyone is broke and there wasn't anything good going on anyways we should just have some friends over. So about 12 people crowded into our little bungalow to feast on Prime Rib (After x-mas there is usually super discounted rib roast at the store, feeding 12 people for under $40.00...priceless) mashed potatoes and all kinds of munchies.
Didn't take any pictures but I drank massive ammounts of wine/champagne and got a new years smooch from the DSB.
Now I'm super hung over. I really really want a bloody mary but no matter how hard I beg/plead/threaten the DSB refused to go to the 7-11 around the corner and get me tomato juice. I'd totally go myself but I'm hung over and busy doing the rest of the clean up from last night.
Did I mention I awoke to most of the party picked up and pretty much all there was for me to do is wash a few dishes and sweep up the celebration popper confetti? Love that man of mine. The only thing that would make me love him more is if he'd get me some damned tomato juice.
Oooooh also I used my x-mas gift (The Mother of all waffle irons) and made whole wheat waffles. I also cooked a whole pound of bacon, minus 2 slices I'm going to use to make jalapeno poppers tonight. I got the pepper rack from E (the new mommy of the most awesome baby) for my brithday and I'm still trying to think what can top that for her next year. Does that make doesn't have to I'm tore up.
Anyways ducklings, I've decided that 2009 is going to be OUR year! Meaning the DSB wins at Grand Nationals. Keep yer fingers crossed!
Happy new year.