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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Because I know you all are worried

Cause I know I am the center of everyones universe I just want to let both my readers know that I'm ok.....the cars are ok...the yarn is OK, the DSB is ok and so is his hot rod, My friend AM is ok (and going to audition for Rock of Love today)
In light of todays earthquake in the SO Cal Area i thought I should address my biggest fear.....
So I was in the Restroom of my gym when the earth quake hit....yup you know it's just my luck that the first earthquake in years would happen while I am in mid tinkle....but it made me face my worst fear...
Dying on the toilet, like Elvis.
I mean can you think of a worse way to be found. Made me face my fear.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The worst pedicure ever

Ok This place just charged me $40 bucks for a seriously sub par mani pedi. I had been growing my nails out for a month only to have the guy file them to uneven nubs and there is red nail polish all over my toes. Plus they cut my tone nails so short it's painful.
Screw this place. Also I get the feeling it may be a front for the "special" kind of massages. Seriously the only people I see come in for massages are these gross guys that always do the *wink wink* kind of thing when they come in and ask for a massage. I mean they do have legitimate massage there...but these guys walk in and go Ooooh yeah I need a Massaaaaage Mmmmm Hmmm.
Sucks though cause the owner is really nice...just I've had a few crappy manicures there and this one was the last straw. Go for tanning and * wink wink* massages but not for nails.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


My LSG swap package came yesterday and it had the coolest shit ever in it!

Sorry the photo is so small.
Anyways the Coors cook book is the COOLEST thing ever! I love cook books. Honestly they are the shit! My LSG partner nailed it! Also check out the massive ammounts of lube!
And another thing

Did I mention that my birthday was last weekend?
Nick, the DSB and I went out for brunch at Hamburger Hamlet cause they have the best Bloody Mary's.
Honestly I stink at taking pictures. If I was any good I would have thought to take photos of the Mai Tais we had at Damons or the cars at the Glendale cruise.
Did I mention Hermans Hermits played? Ok my friend AM put it best..."Who knew Hermans Hermits were such a cultural cornerstone?"
Seriously like every song they played we knew all the words to. Just ask the annoyed couple standing next to us as we belted out Henry the 8th
Oh yeah. I'm a dork but it's cute when I do it. Actaully that's my new motto..."It's cute when I do it."
Ya Belching....not lady like no sir but It's cute when I do it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Show us Big and Small

Ok so now for a happy fun time post.
So believe it or not I've been knitting like a woman posessed but haven't finished anything. Here are some things I started within the last 2 months that I am super close to finishing.

First BIG
Ya know what that is right. Yes but before I hear "Oh GOD not ANOTHER one of THOSE!" I just want to share with you what makes this special....that there is Elsebeth Lavod Silky Cashmere. I got over a 1300 yards of the stuff on sale at Webs. It usually is $11.95 a ball but they reduced it to $5.99. The reason they still have so much is that this yarn, though beautiful and soft have really lame yardage. I mean 44 yards a ball....Imagine the number of freaking ends I'm gonna have to weave in with this bad boy? Lets just say I'm planning on using AT LEAST 1000 yards on this thing. Do the math. Like 44 ends...this may break me. I'm saving a bottle of good tequila for the task, and if you live in the L.A Area and see a drunk naked woman on the news waving a burning Clapotis know who it is.

Now lets do small!
How bout some wee baby socks. I started these on the plane to Oregon for our vacation, look how much I got done. (I realize the toe is wonky on the finished one, I'm going to remedy that.
And Speaking of Oregon
We went to Voodoo Doughnut In downtown Portland. Look apon my Mapley Baconie goodness and feel your waistline expand. The DSB and I both got one. I couldn't finish it. Though It was pretty darn good it's up there with skydiving or eating blowfish, something you'll only do once.
We ate our doughnuts (And my mother was a trooper for putting up with the teeny space and questionable sanitation of the place) then did what all red blooded Americans do On a Sunday Morning.....We went Wine Tasting.
There's something about Vineyards with those green straight rows that makes me want to move to Oregon and raise Musk Ox and eat all organic meals!


First off let me say thanks to the nice comments that were left for me. I haven't been on for a week but It was nice to come back to nice comments.
Anyways we went to the Memorial shindig on Saturday. I call it a Shindig because that is what she had wanted. Irene wasn't a mopey funeral type. She had told her sons not to have a funeral for her but to have a party...and they did.
So we sat and ate the best damn deli sandwich trays ever, drank beer and diet Dr. Pepper and talked. The DSB caught up with people he hadn't seen for years. It truly was a lovely time and when two of her grown sons started wrestling in the back yard and play slapping each other, we knew it was exactly what she had wanted.
I'd go on but I'm getting choked up.
Will post later today though.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I'm on hiautus for a few days...went on vacation and loads of stuff happened....but a dear friend of the DSB's mother passed away 2 days ago. She was a awesome broad and we both loved her very much.
I'll post more when I get my head clear.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I swear

I'll update soon with loads of photos and knitting content! I swear!
I've been super busy.