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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

new goings on

Ok I'm a totall slacker...I skipped out on school today 1. cause I'm exhausted and 2. today was just busy work day and I got it all done yesterday so if there was ever time to take a day and get all my "needs to be done during the week" errands today is the day.
Actaully I am going to clean the house, work on some stuff for school and maybe go tot he LYS to use my birthday 10% off certificate on some new 2 dpns.
I actaully have pictures of stuff I did in class but I was not happy with the way I painted it so you don't get to see it...just to let you know my sculpture was AWESome...I got a 9 and I would have gotten 100 if I wasn't color blind and inept and small appliance application.
The eczema under my eyes is healing up, I'm almost finished with the green pair of socks and one down on the Heart Lace sock witht he Silkie Socks that Rock yarn in Colorway Lovers Leap.
Oh and by the way...if there are ANY readers (yeah like I have lots of readers) in the LA area
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Check what I'll be at on Saturday!
Roller Derby and cars with your loveley local HellsBelles CC ladies...WOOT!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I've been so wicked busy with school....very labor intensive class that makes me want to do nothing more when I get home than take a shower and down a glass of wine.
No real school photos though I have a crappy web cam photo of the HORRIBLE SKIN REACTION I seem to be having to somthing.
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Can you see it? That wierd orange area is actaully red and very my nice face lotion makes it sting.
Freaing great cause this weekend is...drum roll....DERBY DOLL ROLLER DERBY and Car Show sponsered by us truly your LA Hells Belles CC!
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Stoked am I.
It should be a blast!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


School has been good...I will have many wierd and wonderful photos of the gory effects I've been creating. The best part is that there is another KNITTER in the class. I came back from lunch one day and she was sitting in the corner hunched over a toe up sock on SIZE 5's people!
I squealed like a little girl and tossed my green sock that was in my purse and threw it down in front of her....we sorta shared a moment till I asked if she swatched before making socks on size 5 was super cool self pattern sock tarn so they'l look cool even if they're huge!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm a bit Seepy (sleepy) I was up late drinking wine and watching bad movies with the DSB and Nik. It was good. I totally have to high tail it to Eagle rock and do a friend's daughters makeup.
No pics though I may have crappy web cam like photos taken witht he new built in camera on the puter.