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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Quest for a Mini Me

I'm back from Ventura.
The truck made it there with only a bit of drama the evening before, bacause it's no fun unless you wait till the last second to address issues such as totally rusted ass gas tank and clogged up fuel filters.
The show was fun.
i got the meet baby H for the first time actually outside of his mommy...she let me hold him, he didn't cry so I think I'm getting better at the whole holding kids and not being afraid of breaking them.
I got my Hobo Breakfast in the AM and on the way home we met the most aggressive pan handlers EVER! I mean at the end of our off ramp there were three guys with signs yelling at cars. One guy demanded water from me, which I didn't have and he got a bit pissy. Guess I'd be grouchy too if I had to stand at the end of a freeway off ramp and scream at traffic in 90 degree heat.
Also I have a new obsession. I want to get an Itty Bitty me made...I totally want a puppet that looks like me. We took a vote (Nick, The DSB, Our friend Kevin and Yours Truly) and we decided that my government issued free money (economic stimulation package) should be put toward a dummy that looks like me and not for stuff like a new stove or fixing the busted bathtub drain cause we're responsible adults like that.
Also I have been knitting. One of the DSB's scks is done and I'm maybe a quarter of the way done with the second. I have photos bt time I spend uploading them is time I could be using to locate a puppet maker. Part of me wants to make it there a book on how to do that?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We're so Hot and heavy it's almost too much!

The DSB and I went out to dinner last night. Ok we were both kinda tired but I really was NOT in the mood to cook anything, nor were we in the mood to do things like change our clothes or comb our hair so we decided that we would go out to the most romantic spot....
Oh yeah bitches! We indulged in Pizza, beer and Mojo potatos like there was no tomorrow.
Actaully we had a really good time. Who knew Shakey's Pizza had such a BITCH'N beer selection. I mean Firestone Ale!?!? Unheard of at a family joint.
Next time we will try and go during the week because in our romantic fever we forgot that it was Friday night and every little league team and local family was there, thus there was a long wait to play video games and after two pints each we decided home and a movie was for us (Cause we're wild and crazy like that.)

Also on the car front....ok so news news.
I fixed the Overdrive on the Rambler...I did somthing I wish I had thought of before and am going to get massive ammounts of shit over for not even thinking of it sooner...I read the repair manual! DUH!!!!! Fixed it in like 10 seconds flat....there's a trick to the kick down switch if it gets jammed it seems. I've had this car HOW LONG!?!?!?! I'm also about to take the bumbers off to get them re-chromed and de-dented (They were there when I bought it I didn't do it) because I'm getting all into this AMX show coming up and the Piggy-bank is (in my mind at least) the worlds most famous Rambler....(I know for a fact there is one guy in Switzerland that has heard of this car and Jay Leno thinks it's cool) I live a rich fantasy life.
So today in addition to fixing the Overdrive I had a Clean out the trunk (shudder) and the engine compartment day. I also shined up all the chrome on my valve covers....boy they shine now....My paint is starting to go a bit. It's many years of not having a garage and even though it's covered moisture is still getting to it and slowly wearing my finish down.
It's funny, the 36 pickup I don't even worry about the paint. it's almost like the shittier the paint gets the more people like it. The RAMBLER on the other hand is like a Hollywood Starlet. The second she starts to show her age people start pointing it out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Murray rhymes with Curry

When I was growing up (And through most of my college career) my family had a cat named Murray. Murray was what my father referred to as "A Mans Cat". He was a big gnarly tom cat that had been one of 6 kittens found abandoned in an alley in El Monte. My father's friend had found them. He was what they call a Polydactyl cat, where in he had 6 toes on one front paw and 7 on the other, making him able to do great damage to a annoying 4th grader that tries to carry him over to see the neighbors new German Shepherd (not me but an annoying friend of mine did this, as I said he was big and gnarly and I have no idea what would have crossed her mind to think this was a good idea and she's lucky that she still has both her eyes intact.)
Murray used to guard the house....anytime you pulled in the driveway he was sitting at the front of it waiting for you (how he knew I have no idea) and would start yowling and would walk along side the car till you parked.
His other favorite activity was spraying the windshield of my brothers car (which delighted me to no end) and it usually ran into his air vents, so on a cold day, when you turned the heater on you got an effect that my Mother referred to as "warm Murray."
Murray was 17 years old when he had a stroke that left him without the use of his front legs below the true feral Alley Cat fashion he managed (despite my parents efforts to catch him) to run off, on his elbows for 2 weeks, finally returning in the middle of the night to suffer another stroke on the front porch where my poor father found him and took him to the vet where he was put down. My Father does not believe in putting animals down unless it's the only option and Murray was his cat more than was really sad.
My mom has a Red Lentil Curry recipe that she calls Murray Curry because "Murray rhymes with Curry". She has a photo of him at the bottom of the recipe. I'm making Murray Curry tonight and I got to thinking about Murray, hanging on the screen door and attacking the neighbor kids. God he was a great cat.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where the hell am I?

So let me explain why we are not in Las Vegas right now giving our livers the severe punishment they so richly deserve and squandering our future childrens college money on roulette and shots of cuervo. Though work is better and we are no longer two steps away from being on the bread line ala Grapes of Wrath, and though a bunch of my girlfriends are there probably on their second boot by now we (and I) decided that it was just too much money to spend on a weekend to go to a event that I really wasn't looking forward too that much.
I decided that the estimated $500 that I probably would have spent that weekend really should go to things like car parts and bills. We have ALOT of car shows to hit this year and instead of feeling like we have to represent at every single event we're (the dsb and I) are really getting picky with our events.
We're saving our moolah for:
Back to the Beach
"Paso Maria"
Primer Nationals
Plus this baby which I am so entering and I think I may be able to win something, cause y'all know I'll do anything for a trophy.
We've chosen to do more important things with our weekend like Playing a cruel joke on the DSB
Photobucket (Ok I now realize that unsweetened soy milk does not taste anything like real milk)
We finally put the gauges back in the 36. It's nice to actaully have working gauges (like the fuel gauge, I still haven't recovered from the shame of running out of gas at Bob's)..all I need to do is put coolant in the radiator and see if the new temp gauge and thermostat are working then all it needs is a tune up and I'm set for Back to the Beach!
I've been working out 6 days a week trying to get in bathing suit shape for back to the beach because our hotel has a pool. Not that I'm actually going to swim, but I am going to lay out by the water and relax after the show and I needs to look cute while doing just that. So some time next week I need to head down to My Baby Jo's for a little retail therapy and do something I haven't done in for a bathing suit! AAAAARGH.
Actaully it's more for Santa Maria...I know the city of Santa Maria doesn't scream Bathing Suit but our hotel has a really nice pool we think and it's one of my girl friends birthday weekends and she said something about hanging out by the pool and I said to myself "Self, you needs to get a cute suit and some matching espadrilles and maybe a matching parasol"
So yeah I've been working out ALOT. I've lost almost 10 pounds so far....hopefully another 4 in the next 2 weeks! Yikes I'm regretting eating all those potato chips last night...Ok I'm off to the gym.
On a parting note:
1964 Olds rear end for sale....CHEAP! If you say you heard about it on this blog I'll take $25 bucks off the price.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Day 2....

So I oficially haven't eaten for over 48 hours...I'm hungry to say the least but I'm getting the tell tail symptoms of detox so I'm gonna try and make it through tomorrow then break my fast on Thursday cause hey it's my first time and I believe working ones way up is a good way to I have a flank steak marinating in the fridge and I want to eat it Friday so I'd have to add solids back on Thursday...sick isn't it.
The funny thing is how great my skin looks. I am a detox believer.
On a lighter note....Dancing with the Stars...Our Contestant is safe for another week....we cheered.