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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Raglan sweater pics

So I fianlly uploaded some pics of this sweater
Here is is partially finished Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

here is is finished pre-blocking Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry no updates as of late

Been super busy...I'm still working in the Kyoto sweater and probbaly will be till x-mas. I'm also doing a modified version of the raglan sweater for a friends daughter with these two balls of NORO yarn that were once a scarf but it was too pretty to just be scarf yarn so I frogged it and started over.

Monday, September 18, 2006


I'm totally going to knit This sweater. I'm going to Stitch cafe to get yarn in just a sec. I'd go to Yarn Garden but I am riding my bike and my getting to the Yarn Garden involves going across a 1/4 mile of pretty scary skid row and I just don't feel like doing it on my bike.

Sucess! YES!

Finised the Knitting part of my Raglan sweater! Now to weave in the loose ends (of which there are MANY on account of the fact I'm not happy unless my projects have at least one stripe) and possibly block it if Ihave enough towels. You'll have to excuse me I've had 2 big celebration Margaritas! You can tell by the Comment I left on Karynsthat is riddled with spellign errors!
Hooray. Pics as soon as I figure out what the deal is with my home computer!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm a yarn slacker

I'm almost finished with my little raglan sweater (Nik made fun of how teeny tiny it was but coming from him he's in no position to talk about teeny tiny, meaning he's really short) But I need to go to Stitch Cafe for the last day of their Summer Yarn sale!'s now or never I'm gonna pick up some nice fuzzy yarn!
Nothing too crazy to report on. Went to a friends Birthday party last night ad it was a civilized good time even though Evil Ex tried to start problems with the Boo...much to the Boo's credit he handled himself well and resisted the urge to punch Evil Ex in the face...I do love my Boo!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Watch for me on DIY!

I went to Bob's Big Boy for the cruise night and there was a film crew shooting a show for the DIY network called "Car Buff's" Or somthing like that. They Interviewed me! I'm gonna be on tv again. It's car related I take it. Our friend Stan was there with his 49 ford truck...I want that truck so bad.
A few of our friends came out and we went down the street for cocktails and pretty much were a bunch of Gossipy Tarts for an hour or two.
It was alot of is going to be a home body day. The Boo is working on his car and I'm planning on finishing my raglan sweater and probably popping by Yarn Garden for another skien of black because I tried to get all creative and add a stripe in the middle of my sweater and now I don't think I have enough to do the cuffs and the bottom trim. I'm a moron!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

raglan sweater

No pics yet but I am EXTREAMLY pleased to announce that I have made a nice dent in the actaul knitting and it's starting to look like the example Karyn brought in only in way more boring colors. Purpleish and black. I'm feeling crafty.

The Boo totally enjoyed his night in alone. I found him watching a movie on the couch (which normally is where I sit and watch re-runs of Law and Order) and had eaten most of my ice cream. We buy two Kinds....he gets the regular and I get Diet Ice cream....then he finishes both of them...grrrr he's lucky he's cute.

Another Class Hooray!

Cause I am a complete and totall slacker and because of my dependenceny on sleeping pills and the Boo's inability to open the curtains in the morning to let the light in, I totally slept through my Dentist appointment today....oops. Lucky for my my dentist specializes in cosmetic dentistry and (being located in an upscale neighborhood near the Heart of the entertainment industry) they are exptreamly used to us flakey entertainment types who keep odd hours and had no problem reschedueling me. SWEET! It's just a cleaning but I have not been up on my flossing nor my tooth whitening. Yes I went and got the professional whitening kit where they actaully make a mold of your teeth.
The funny thing about my dentist is every time I go they don't ask me "Have you been flossing?" They ask "How's the whitening going?"Did I mention I go to the Dentist alot....why you ask? I have close to perfect teeth, meaning I've had ALOT of orthodontic and oral surgery work done over the years due to the fact that my front teeth were almost sideways and my jaw is only big enough to accomodate 24 teeth (must be my Hillbilly genes) and so it took years of very painful work to get the smile I have today and I'm VERY protective of it. That why every little tooth trauma, like when I was at a bbq and I wacked my front tooth with a beer bottle, requires a trip to the dentist for a $40.00 x-ray and an inquirery on how the whitening is going.

The said appointment today, however is not an anal retentive, panic driven, exercise in frivolity. I actaully had my 6 month cleaning and checkup for today. I suppose it's better they let me re-schduele for next week. It gives me a chance to floss every day and get up to date on my whitening. I swear they will not rest till I blind people with my smile. I just wanted to get rid of some coffee stains.

Anyways on the tonights class. It's Karens
raglan sweater class. I've been informed that the wonderful soft suppple alpaca yarn I was hoping to bring in won't be allowed in the class on account of the purpose of teaching classes there is to have students buy yarn there but since it's probably a 2 or 3 skein project I have no problem with that. I'll make 2 sweaters then!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finished and Felted

By the way,
Here's some pics of the bags I made Post felting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See there I DO finish projects on occassion. Tomorrow is class with Karen

Totally Bracing for food poisioning

Well see it's like this.
I was awoken a couple hours before my normal wakey time (see I'm FunEmployed so my usual time is round 10ish) by the Boo. Normally I'd growl and go back to sleep but the early morning Ugly Bumping I recieved more than made up for it. After Boo left for work I realised "I'm Hungry" so I decided to see what was in the fridge. JACKPOT Eggs and Turkey sausage. I cooked it up and after devouring one whole sausage and one partial sausage I realised it had a kinda strange taste and I couldnt remember what they tasted like when I bought them and then I thought "Golly I wonder if these are past there prime?" So I've eaten half the second sausage and am debating weather or not to finish it. I mean if I'm gonna get food poisioning I've already eaten enough to get me well on my way might as well finish the sausage right?

Either way today is the day I frog the HAMBURGULARSKULLYSKISWEATER to use for karen's class tomorrow. I am never gonna finish it and the yarn is so nice and soft I'd rather use it for good then have it sit there unfinished and mocking me.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Had a GREAT fun fun fun weekend.
The purses I felted Thursday FINALLY dried by Sunday and now I've decided to re-felt, as in felt some more the purse I made for R's niece cause I've decided that it's too big for her and since her mom told me to save it for x-mas so I have time now. The mad purse knitting has begun. I am almost done with the one I planned to give to my friend Barbara but now I think it's going to Melinda cause her b-day is coming up sooner. Yeah.

We went to the Cretins wherehouse party where I ran into someone I knew in Highschool. R thinks I'm obsessing but I just have to share this story.
Picture this:
So I've had a few yummy sugar free margaritas that I cleverly transported in a evian bottle when I see this girl standing on the stairs WAY too dressed up for this crowd and trying REALLY hard to convey just how rockabilly and such she is. Now I know she's a total poser but I decided to look past the bitchy expression and go talk to her...she just looked SOOOOO familiar. Here's how it went down:

Me: "Hey, we've met before haven't we?"
Her:"I doubt that."
Me:" Really? well you look so familiar what's your name?"
Her: (sigh) "Teal"

Now how many freakin people have a name like that. My brain went Ding and suddenly I knew where I knew this bitch from! I knew her in Higschool when she was a smelly art chick who did a bunch of drugs and didn't shave her pits! (For the record I too was a smelly art chick who did alot of drugs but at least I shaved my pits)

Me: "Where did you go to Highschool"
Her: (rolling her eyes) "Alverno" like it's soooo somthing to be proud of.
Me: "You're Teal fuckin' Hathaway! Remember me we used to hang out!"
Her: "Well people change huh?"

Now I am not that crazy Ra ra highschool was so great people. In fact the only thing that got me trought that experience was large quantities of beer lifted from the local stop and shop, but this bitch was getting all snotty with me trying to be sooooo cool. I wanted to grab her shoulders and shout 'Bitch don't you know who I am...who do you think you are!?!? I OWN YOU IN THIS SCENE!'
Perhaps if she didn't spend so much time trying to be super rockabilly chick she may have mingled a bit more.
I'm a bitch.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Go felt yourself

So I'm back from Ventura and the wonderful most awesome and dramatic Primer National car show weekend extravangaza!
Why dramatic...well let me give you the rundown.
All in all the show was a blast. I hung out with the girls, drank some beer, ate some of K's awesome car shows gormet snack food that she is well known for. Got loads of compliments on my car...allthough no trophy this time but I was WAY out matched by a 49 Hudson truck for the Orphan catagory so I'm not totally bummed. We hung out with some of our favorite Hooligan friends for a while...gotta love those guys. Saw my friend Stina and we planned to take the Masked Wrestling world by storm if we could just figure out how to to the atomic elbow without actaully destroying to planet in the process.
The Drama part comes in Saturday night...well actaully Sunday afternoon. Saturday Night we noticed that a member of our party (NIK) was M.I.A. We figured well he probably met up with some friends (Or a cute girl) and found a place to stay with them. Kinda a bummber cause we did some fancy room swapping so he could have his own bed.
So the next day after the show R and I were at the Souplantation off the 101 freeway when we get a call...From Nik....From jail or the street corner just outside. Yup our little buddy got busted for a DUI (don't drink and drive) and spent the weekend in the Pokie. Poor guy. The Impounded his car and we spend yesterday driving back to Ventura to get it. He's lucky he has friends that love him.
Oh but Monday we had a really great BBQ and all of our friends came over and it was a blast. Minimal clean up.
I've been working like a fiend on the Bag for the Felting class tomorrow. I'm trying to finish a smaller version for R's Niece in time to felt it there as we have a front loading washer that's not ideal for felting.
Pics Soon