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Thursday, May 21, 2009

In which I actually feel bad for my Nemesis

Betcha didn't know I had an arch nemesis?? No, it's not the stalker....the stalker is just some slag.
My Nemesis doesn't live here....I knew Nemesis back in my past life...we were friends but alas Nemesis had alot of problems, that coupled with a substance abuse problem made her impossible to be friends with.
I totally lurk on Nemesis' Myspace page...I know I know, that's both pathetic and sad but it makes for good entertainment.
But now I just feel sorry for Nemesis.
She always had this thing where she didn't feel validated unless she was with a man....she would THROW herself at pretty much any guy that gave her the time of day, date him for a few weeks, start going on and on about how they were soul mates and he's the one, he'd dump her and she'd freak out and go hysterical, then run around going on about how she's an independent woman that needs no man all the while trolling every dating site she could find until the next one night stand comes along...rinse, repeat.
In retrospect, she was a very insecure.
We went to Boston together and she ended up hooking up with some guy at a bar....two days later she's going on and on about how he's going to move her up to Boston and how they're soul mates. We get back to GA and guess what? Never hears from him again.
It was a sad cycle. Turns out now she's divorced from the guy she met on an internet dating site and is going on and on about how some guy she met on the internet doesn't want to move to her state and have babies with her.
I kinda feel bad for her.
I also feel lucky to be in the place that I am right now. Not to say that my past has been all healthy fulfilling experiences. I pulled some stupid stuff back in my day but I like to think I learned from my bad experiences.
In all reality I wouldn't be the person I am today without the Nemesis. She kinda made me look at myself and realize the kind of person I didn't want to be. She made me work on myself in an attempt not to be like her. I'm not perfect...but I'm working on it.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Don't you know who I am???"

Seriously here is the situation.
My GF's and i are at a local hangout trying to get a good group shot of us all together with my friends camera...just cause when this guy comes up to us.
Him: Hey ladies!
Us: Ummmm Hey there
Him: Do you ever watch TV
Us: sure but not all the time
Him: Don't you know who I am???
Us: ......
Him: Ever see "Scott Baio is 45 and Pregnant"?
Us: .......
Him: Well I'm on that show...I'm the bad guy on that show!
Us: Ok......

It was random. I love LA.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Foto Friday

Cause all I take pictures of is my freaking puppy
Yes I walked in and she was alseep like that

She really hates her harness. I hate it too. She keeps trying to chew on it and then she gets her jaw stuck under it so she can't wear it....dammitt

Her and her big ol beef bone. She tried to bury it right after this picture was taken. Sweet!

The bad and the good

The good news is the puppy is getting in to a routine.
The bad news is that said routine involves waking up at 6 am and peeing in the doorway to the computer room every chance she gets.
I really want a glass of wine...but it's only 11 am...god dammitt

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Cow I lost 7 pounds

Ok...not saying that one should get a dog just to lose weight but....
So I've lost 7 pounds since Princess Panty Chewer came home. I think it's because of a few factors.

1. Puppies require Lots of attention....I'm constantly busy either working, or watching her to make sure she doesn't wizz in the spare room (She loves to potty in the spare room) so i never have time to sit around and snack.

2. I drink ALOT less. Not to say I'm super lush or anything but I really cannot have anything more than say 1 glass of wine at dinner just because I am in charge of Potty Patrol at night so If I have say 3 beers I have a hard time waking up at 3am to let her outside to pee...So I consume fewer calories just there.

3. If she doesn't get her walk around the block in the Morning and Evening she WILL be bouncing off the walls and eating my shoes....not just any shoes but the LIMITED EDITION Trophy Queen Lucky Loo shoes that I got in Paso a few years back that cost close to $200.00. So yeah my fat ass walks around the block...15 min each time so it racks up to about 30min of exercise a day. As she gets older it's going to increase ALOT so imagine how great my ass will look this time next year.

4. Ok also I've been doing the Medi Fast diet. I do cheat a bit...eating regular food twice a day sometimes but really it's a pretty fly diet. The food is alright (Though the instant scrambled eggs are strangely good with a little salt and paprika). I kinda want to lose 10 more pounds by my birthday in July, which should bring me down to a size 8, which should get me back into my bathing suit, so we can go to the pool at the Standard for cocktails with my girlfriends, who will probably look way hotter in their swimsuits than me but who cares, the DSB thought I was hot when I was close to 170 pounds.

Any ways...YAY!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What have I been doing?

Hey there! Where have I been? What the Heck have I been doing...Well....
This right here has been taking up most of my time.
This is Rally our little Cow Puppy.
She came home last weekend and has been quite the handful. So far she's only had a few "accidents" and is pretty well house trained. Once in a while she sneaks off to poop on the bath mat but now we have almost got our routine down so we can tell when she's jumping on us cause she's happy or because she's trying to get our attention to be let out. She's one smart Heeler.
We've been trying to get her used to being left alone....not that she's going to be alone alot but it will happen eventually and I don't want her going batshit looney on us when suddenly there is nobody there.
Sleeping Heeler Puppy
How freaking cute is she???
Did I mention my trip to Memphis???
Well I went to Memphis. We did Memphis up RIGHT!!!!!

Of COURSE we had to go to home of the fanny pack and tattoos of Taz giving you the finger...that's guessed it
Believe it or not it's not as big as one might think. I have tons of photos but for some reason I live in fear of Priscilla and the Elvis Presley Estate and that if I post photos of inside the house they may send his cousin Jimmy (who mows the lawn at Graceland) over to my house with like a weed wacker, or maybe it's because I'm just too lazt to upload my personal vacation photos.....But I did upload this one
The DSB keeps saying that they need to put a bra on that mannequin. Priscillas Wedding dress.....protruding nipples aside...I thought it looked like an old lady Night gown. But hey, if it got Elvis into the sack perhaps we as women are underestimating the power of the granny nightie.
We also hit up Sun Studios. It was fun...they have a pretty cool little tour (Our Tour Guide was named "El Dorado" but you know his real name was like Brandon or Travis...also he was too cool for his sideburns) and I ran into a guy from LA and I totally know his cousin. Sun Studios is famous for recording the likes of Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Louis and of course Elvis, but if you go....get a freaking milkshake at Sun Studios. The DSB heard that they had good Milkshakes and he was right. Who knew. The milkshake was even better than El Dorado's sideburns. but only by a little bit.
Any ways we were super stoked about Sun Studios but what really caused the DSB to lose his mind was this
Look what's right next door. Seems NOBODY knows where Walker Radiator is...but now you do. Too bad it was Saturday cause the DSB so wanted to go inside. So next time you get your radiator from know it's next door to Sun Studios...and if you go there make sure to get a freaking Milkshake and Pull El Dorado's (Brandon) sideburns for me and tell him that really hung over girl from Cali sent you.