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Viva Scrapper...Hot rod girl with a nasty knitting habit

Your friendly neighborhood Hot Rodding, Rock and Rolling, Knitting Chick! Yeah, I'm fun like that.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not private as of yet

on account of me not being able to figure out how to set it. Damn you blogger. Also there is major going's on as of right now. Can't say what, due to me still being a bit obsessed stalker paranoid but in a week you'll be up to your armpits in details. It's big. I'm amazed I kept it a secret so long. Tee Hee.....also I got alot of knitting done if that gives you a hint.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cause I copy Ruca

So I have to take my blog private....because I think I may have a stalker.
So post a comment here in the next few days to be added to the list if you want to continue reading.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Cleaning like a Meth Addict

So we're having a party tomorrow and I've been cleaning the house like the girl in this PSA.
Ok Meth isn't funny but this ad is. I love the giant flamingo.
I've mopped my kitchen floor twice and the bathroom 3 times. I hate white tile floors. You cannot keep them looking clean. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to mop again before our guests arrive. Normally I'm not an insane cleaning machine. I hate to clean, but it's important that my friends don't know what a lousy house keeper I am. Also Our kitchen floor is NEVER clean. I gurantee you even though I just cleaned it oh 15 min ago If I walk across it in white socks the bottoms of them would be black. It's just the way it is.

Dear wannabe pin-ups

Get the hell off of my car.
The DSB and I had a conversation about this. Our biggest gripe at car shows is that the second you turn your back there's some random chick in a bathing suit laying on your car, scratching yer paint with about a dozen "photographers" with their cannon smart shots taking pictures.
Ladies, you are NOT a pinup. I know some actaul pinups and they don't have to go around begging for attention at car shows. Also if you don't know who's car it is....and you don't have permission to do so, don't freaking touch it. The DSB practically had to yell at a girl who was posing with another car but had her foot out about 2 inches from his door, in heels. She had a nasty attitude but hey, if she had accidentally kicked his door, how much you want to bet she would have just walked away leaving us with a $600+ repair?
So next time a bunch of "photographers" want to take your photo with a car who's owner you don't know think about it. Be careful and whatever you do don't sit on them!!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bragging Rights

Okie Dokie!
So I just got back last night from the Primer Nationals. What a big weekend.
What was so Big.....
Seriously we were not expecting it. The DSB is still in shock. Before we left he said "God I hope people don't hate it." He's so humble about it as well...and they let him thank a few of wich was his "Beautiful Girlfriend" (Wonder who she is so I can kick her ass, Just kidding)
He seriously had some SERIOUS competition. These aren't the DSB's car but these were the other two that I think were in the running.
The other 31.
Don from Imperial Customs did the paint on this one and these photos don't do it justice...these tow were seriously beautiful cars. We canb't believe we won. We weren't even trying.
Usually we leave the show Sunday Morning but since the DSB got an award and they give those out Sunday afternoon we stayed all day. I had to wear my outfit from the day before on account of my driving home outfit consisted of my tore up PBR shirt and some draw string pants....that's the proof that we were not expecting to win ANY award let alone BEST HOTROD!!!!
Our friend declared it DSB day and there was a good time had by all.
We went to the afterparty where they roasted a WHOLE PIG, don't believe me?
Believe me now....more tomorrow.
Also there were some cool